Militzabooks is the online portal where books produced by Bureau Maatschappelijk Consulent en Technisch Advies (Bureau for Social Consultancy and Technical Advice) (BMC) and other writers can be purchased. It is also posible to book online-consultations through this website.

BMC was founded in 1993 by  Militza Riedel-Rafaela and is the first private social consultancy bureau of the former Netherlands Antilles. BMC started as “Buro Maatschappelijk Consulent Riedel” (BMCR), later the name was adapted to “Bureau Maatschappelijk Consulent en Technisch Advies” to better suit the services it provides. Since it inception in 1993 BMC has been providing social, legal and technical advice, guidance and counseling to individuals, families, schools and companies. Some other services provided by BMC are debt consolidation, budgeting and pre-pensioning workshops, mediation in inheritance cases, mediation in cases of buying and selling of real estate for clients and making of bussiness plans. 

Militza Riedel-Rafaela, the founder of BMC has produced 2 books and 2 guides to address 4 of the most frequent encountered issues she has been encountering since the inception of BMC in 1993. 

BMC has build a team of professionals such as dietists, psycologists, doctors (medical), notaries, tax experts and medical insurance experts to provide training and to tackle the issues her clients encounter.